Throwback Thursday : Living Single

We are taking it back to 1993 to one of the most popular African- American sitcoms, Living Single. You remember the show … back when “they” showed African-American role models rather than the drama we see on television now. That’s a topic for another day. Today, I want to dedicate this post to fashionistas Khadijah James, Régine Hunter & Maxine Shaw.

living-singleThese strong independent women, though fictional, gave light to so many people.  Khadijah James , a hard-working editor and publisher of the fictional urban independent FlavorRegina Hunter, a boutique buyer who was in a constant search for a “well kept”  man to spend her life with and spend his money,  but independent none the less. lol Maxine  Shaw, a blunt attorney and Khadijah’s best friend from their college days at Howard University. These ladies, including Synclaire James, shared memorial personal and professional experiences together.

I have created inspirations highlighting the three beautiful ladies fashion styles. Each one had their own personal edge to fashion & setting trends. My personal fav is Régine Hunter. She was sassy and made a statement whereEVER she went.


Maxine Shaw always had a sharp tongue & made sure the girls’ refrigerator wasn’t overstocked. Max was known for sporting double breasted suits, oversize coats and her fabulous box braids.


Khadijah James ! She had more of a laid back vibe,  but made a statement with the simplest of fashion pieces. Oversize vest with turtlenecks, overalls & timberlands, and we all remember her U.N.I.T.Y. phase.khakhadijah-james

Go back in time & be inspired by these amazing fashionistas.



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