Steal Her Style : Solange

The Houston, Texas native is well known for her first passion, songwriting, but she is also recognized as a  fashion icon Solange Knowles’ style is gracefully flamboyant. She loves bright colors and never shies away from a great print.

Having just released her third studio album A Seat at the Table, Solange is making the rounds on the radio as well as on the fashion circuit.

Many are stunned by her evolving look the past 12 months. Solange’s latest stunt is the dress she created out of a ball of yarn because she was bored. She literally stripped down and started wrapping herself in a long string of fabric until she ended up with this:


C R A Z Y  I know, but many were inspired and recreated the look to their liking.

I have recreated three Solange inspirations for the Fall season.

Be inspired & recreate ! 


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