Every woman, including myself, have compared ourselves to another woman. Whether it’s her career, finances, body shape, or relationships we compare ourselves to what we THINK  is the perfect lifestyle. We hear her bost about job promotions, her marriage, or losing 20lbs, but have you ever stopped to think how she received the promotions or lost the weight.

Women EmpowerPerhaps she worked many hours of overtime, or dedicated extra time to exercising to achieve her figure. You don’t know how many times she & her spouse/significant other broke up, or how many times they argued before they said “I Do”. Not everyone will share their stories of relationship struggles, or the journey they took to achieve their goals.

Stop comparing yourself to others. Set your own goals. Everyone’s journey will be different, don’t let others dictate yours.

Explore & create new opportunities. Quit playing it safe. Life is too short to remain mediocre. Identify your strengths and manifest them. I was given a sewing machine to help me explore a new hobby of recreating second hand clothes. After a few sessions of sewing, I hit my thumb on the needle. At that moment, I knew sewing was not one of my strengths. I have not given up on sewing, but I decided to take a different route into the fashion career.

Oprah WinfreyI’ve always been very talented at creating different fashion styles, but I didn’t know my strengths and weaknesses. After much prayer and researching different opportunities, I decided on a fashion blog. I know there are millions of fashion blogs, however, fashion is MY passion. I was determined to create and publicize the blog as a testament that with true diligence and trusting God, nothing is impossible.

I’ve learned that no one, or nothing can take away what God has in store for your life. If a door is not there to walk through, build one.

No matter what you do in life, someone is going to try and discourage you. It is up to you to realize, what others have to say about you is  NOT  your destiny. Live your life by your terms and others will have no choice but to accept you as you are.

Successful WomanIt is recognizing the fact that we control our thoughts & our thoughts control our lives.

 Focus on visualizing what you want instead of getting distracted by what you don’t.

–  J. Pear’ree



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