Elevate Your Circle

group-1We all want more out of life than the norm, but we become complacent and do not want to leave our comfort zone. Our friends are in the same boat .. repeating the same routine day in and day out. A circle of friends should encourage and motivate each other to want more than mediocre. They should challenge you to be the BEST you. If you do not feel that push from your circle, you may want to reevaluate your circle.

We must understand that not everyone is traveling the same path that we are. Some want to stay in their comfort zone, while others are exploring endless opportunities of life. It is okay to grow apart. Growing apart does not mean you are dumping your friends, or think you are better than your circle. It means you have realized what you want out of life and being mediocre is not it.

You shouldn’t be the “smartest” person in your circle .. who will you learn from.

Branch out and network. You do not know what new paths you will cross, or the new opportunities you will experience. Be open minded to the “interesting” lady at work, but be cautious. lol. ( You get what I am saying ). You may have similar interests and hobbies. She may even know someone who can assist you with entering a new career path, or job opportunity. I have realized it is not what you know but WHO you know.

I am not a people person. Honestly, I keep to myself around people I do not know. In some situations, I feel that being shy has caused me to miss out on connecting with certain individuals. I have learned to break those barriers and be more approachable. I know it sounds weird, but practice small talk with friends you are comfortable with. I hate small talk,  but that conversation could turn into motivation for me, or the other individual. Slowly, but surely I am getting out of my comfort zone and realizing I will not reach my full potential by playing it safe.

I must elevate myself if I want to step into my purpose.





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