Be Careful Who You Cry To


This post is Part 2 to Elevate Your Circle.

When you are telling a friend a story, pay attention to their response. Are they giving you encouraging words, or focusing on the downfall of the story? I’ve learned people will cheer for you as long as you’re not doing better than them. You receive a promotion at your new job, but your “friend” tells you the employer is always letting their employees go. A real friend will celebrate your accomplishments, & ask to go out for dinner & drinks. Be careful of your frenemies ( more enemy than friend ).

You go through a difficult season and vent to a “friend”. A frenemy will ask for all of the details of your situations, and not ask about your well being. A friend will pray for you & ask what is your next step. A friend will ask “How will WE overcome this?”, because they will stand by you during the highs and the lows.  A frenemy is listening to you vent so she/he can go tell the next person & broadcast like a breaking news alert. Be mindful of these individuals. They are praying on your downfall. Like I said earlier, they’ll cheer until you’re doing better than them.

Move in silence and let your blessings speak for themselves.

Not every downfall, or every promotion has to be shared with the world. Don’t let your story become this morning’s tea, or this evening’s breaking news. Be aware of your circle & evaluate.

Artwork : Peniel Enchill 




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